Garment care


Garment care

You will find a laundry bag and a laundry form in your wardrobe. 
Please call reception to let us know of your request.
Laundry: clothes given before 10 am will be returned at 7 pm.
Dry cleaning: clothes given before 10 am will be returned under 24 hours.

Price including tax, service assured every day.

The hotel is not responsible for possible shrinkages, discoloration or damages, nor put down and unclaimed articles after 1 month. In case of loss, the paid off maximum will be of 5 times the price of the service.

Some of the linen are handled by an outside laundry and returned under 24 hours (Silk blouse, coat, evening dress, silk scarf).

Price lists increased of 30 % in express service (linen given after 10 hours) and on weekends and public holidays.